The Rule of Life

Canons of the Order of Saint Benedict


1.     Canons will keep choir service by daily reading of the Divine Office in a form approved by the Prior.

a.     Some suggested forms are:

                                               i.     The Liturgy of the Hours

                                              ii.     Benedictine Daily Prayer

                                            iii.     The Book of Common Prayer

                                            iv.     The Prayer Book Office (Galley)

                                              v.     The Saint Helena Breviary

b.     The Psalter should be read in its entirety each month.

2.     Canons will participate in the Holy Eucharist daily if possible, and weekly at a minimum.

3.     Canons will engage in Lectio Divina daily, at the advice of the Prior.

4.     Canons will read a segment of The Rule of Saint Benedict each day and study how it may be applied to the canon’s life.

5.     Canons will pray for the other canons daily.

6.     Canons will attend Chapter Meetings.

7.     Canons make temporary or life profession before the prior or superior and other canons.

a.     The Benedictine Vows  of Stability, Obedience and Conversion of Life are lived according to the Rule of Saint Benedict.

b.     Canons live in their own residences and are expected to observe chaste relationships, obedience to the prior, and modesty in lifestyle.

8.     Canons give the superior or prior honor by conceding him/her first place, and assisting him/her as he/she wishes.

9.     Canons will normally wear a Benedictine habit in church or on church property or when engaged in functions of the Chapter.

a.     The habit is not normally worn in public. If it is, it is with the prior’s permission which must be obtained before wearing the habit.

b.     The form of the habit is determined by the community.

c.      The medal, in a form approved by the prior, may be worn in place of the habit.